Safeguarding Children and Families within the Nigerian Community Conference’ facilitated by a couple of our directors, other members of the Nigerian community


The vision for Saffron Safeguarding African Children and Adults Partnership was birthed at the ‘Safeguarding Children and Families within the Nigerian Community Conference’ facilitated by a couple of our directors, other members of the Nigerian community and myself, which took place at the Nigerian High Commission in the UK in August 2017.  Part of the outcomes from the conference was the formation of the British Nigeria Safeguarding Consortium (now a registered UK organisation) effectively working within Nigerian Communities and now our safeguarding service. 



We organize a variety of events to help people learn about and get involved with Safeguarding African Children and Parents.


Online and offline events

Domestic Abuse Interventions: Cultural & Religious Intergration For Effective Solutions

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‘VOICE OVER’ Talk Show

Topic: Domestic Abuse Interventions: Cultural & Religious Intergration For Effective Solutions 

Date: Tuesday 14th July 2020 
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm  (UK/NIG)


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Our Team

  • Deborah Lemoshe

    My name is Deborah Lemoshe . I live in Kent with my sons

    I currently work as a Support worker while doing Masters in Social Work.
    I have a degree in Psychology with Clinical Psychology with experience working with children with emotional needs. This is also an area I am passionate about

    I am fairly new to Social care but do have experience working with both children and adults using basic Psychodynamic tools to cope with difficulties.
    I hope to be a positive part of this group and help support the community
    I enjoy research work, reading, spending time with my children and creative designs in fashion.

  • Ngozi Ojiako

    My name is Ngozi Ojiako, I am known by all as Giz. I have three teenage children.

    My background is a mix of Childcare and Health and Social Care. I am passionate about both.

    Having set up and run my own Childcare business from 2009 until 2017, I discovered that the youth lacked a voice within society. Their needs were not being completely met.

    As Healthcare advocate. I have worked within this sector since 1998 alongside my childcare business.

    Having gained a wealth of experience and worked up to management level. I recently embarked on a Bsc(Hons) in Health and Social Care Management at Anglia Ruskin University.

    Child and Adult Care are my niche the desire to improve the lives of children within our society and empower them is my main goal.

    I have also been instrumental in forming two associations within the UK, which help to fund youth back home in Nigeria and support their educational needs. I am the Secretary and Trustee of one association and the founding President of the other.

    I am very pleased to be a part of this group. My involvement with Saffron Nigeria was the catalyst, and being part of this extension was a no brainer.

    I hope to be able to engage and make positive changes in the lives of the youth, and finding ways of supporting and mentoring them towards a brighter future.

    My hobbies are traveling, dancing, football, and meeting people.


    Role: Youth Life Coach, Engagement and Interventions

    I am passionate about young people’s development/welfare, I have worked for many years in an operational/business role within the Children and young peoples’ department in Newham. I have been an avid mentor and coach to both adults and young people. I have worked on a voluntary basis for 15billionebp, formerly Newham Business Partnership.
    I have been an active member of the governing body at a local primary school, serving as chair of governors for over four years. My passion for safeguarding led me to be the DSL and facilitated safeguarding training for all staff and governors.
    My vison is to work with families with a focus on young people to help them to realise their full potential, my goal is to work with organisations including primary and secondary schools.

    Youth Engagement Empowerment & Initiatives

    Many young people from black African backgrounds are being hardest hit by the rising inequality and cuts to local services. Never has there been a more crucial time for youth organisations to work together as a movement, to solve the problems that young people face in society. At Saffron we want to be an organisation fit for young people today and tomorrow

    Youth Life Coaching

    Youth coaching is a branch of life coaching. It is designed to encourage personal development in young people while providing an outlet for their stresses and anxieties.
    Sometimes young people can feel like they are stuck on a never-ending rollercoaster. The expectations they have for themselves, as well as the pressures of fitting in, growing up and planning a future, can make it hard for them to cope.
    Youth coaching can help young people develop life skills and learn how to manage some of the stresses that come along the way. This can include:

    • building confidence
    • setting and achieving goals
    • managing stress
    • Youth Interventions

    Saffron will work in partnership with organisations to provide Youth Intervention programs that are community based for young people when they are first beginning to make poor decisions that can have lifelong negative repercussions.

  • Adegoke Adegbite

    Policy Development and Partnership Director