My name is Ezekiel Abiodun Awoyomi
I am a serving Police Officer with the British Transport Police. I am the station commander for Finsbury Park area of London. I hold BA & MA degrees in Further and Higher Education. I am also a member of the Chartered Management Institute, having completed a Diploma in Management and Leadership. I am married with 2 young men (just out of their teenage years) – that is how they see themselves now!!
I was formerly a prison officer at Feltham Youth offenders prison before joining the police about 19 years ago. It was the sadness of seeing black youths wasting away in prison and police cells that motivated me to start looking at ways of assisting/guiding youths within my reach. I currently mentor a few black youths both outside and within the police force.

I am the Police liaison officer for ABLE – Association of British Nigerian Law Enforcement officers. We have and continue to work with other groups and religious groups by arranging enlightenment/awareness seminars on crime, immigration etc.
I also carry out series of such programmes in my official capacity, utilising my official resources where practicable. I am also a Safeguarding Champion for my force.
I am a member of the BNSC. I am excited about SAFFRON and sincerely hope we can all work together to make a difference.