Dear Colleague,


SaffronSACAP invites you to be part of our new safeguarding service ‘Saffron Safeguarding African Children and Adults Partnership’, (SaffronSACAP) which opened in Gillingham Kent, on Monday the 6th of January 2020 at Kingsley House, 37-45 Balmoral Road, 3rd Floor, Room 301Gillingham, Kent, ME7 4NT.  While on the ground floor, is our community project the ‘Saffron Safeguarding African Children & Adults Centre.

SaffronSACAP is a registered Company Private Limited by Guarantee in December 2019 with a Board of Directors and Secretaries appointed to run the organization, ensuring we are delivering against our aims and objectives.

We engage with African children, parents, professionals, worship places, businesses, organisations and communities, adding value to the lives of all children, women, youth and vulnerable adults.  We work to ‘Bridging the Gap’ between social care agencies & African communities, delivering social interventions and preventative services to ensure all children and vulnerable are supported to develop in an environment where they feel secure, safe, and are able to meet all their aspirations and develop their potentials for better outcomes; contributing to sustainable improvements of economic, social and environmental circumstances.

All children and vulnerable adults can be affected by many different forms of abuse, some may be more vulnerable than others, and general issues, including some specific to our communities pose a very real risk for them.  Over the years, professionals have identified a wide range of ‘risk factors’ causing child abuse in African children; including low parental income, mental health, disability, homelessness, substance abuse, physical chastisement, immigration status, refugee and Asylum-seekers, child trafficking, FGM, sexual exploitation, cultural and faith issues.

According to Professor Claudia Bernard from Goldsmiths University, as the diversity of Black African children grows and develops, the issues arising for them in child protection practice take more complex forms.  

Hence as professionals, we have a duty to address factors that help heighten the understanding of emerging issues and forms of abuse, within our communities, the dynamics and impact of maltreatment, coping strategies, help-seeking behaviour, access to services; the barriers and enablers to engaging with African children, vulnerable adults and their families in addition to the growing challenges concerning thresholds of interventions for safeguarding and child protection.

For us at Saffron, the effective safeguarding and protection of African Children and vulnerable Adults in Kent, London and the UK as a whole is a high priority.  The effectiveness of government policies in our communities, is highly dependent on prevention, early intervention and professional’s cultural and faith competence, better understanding the culture, parenting and behavioural patterns.

Although children in particular ethnic communities are identified as less likely to be placed on the ‘List of Children Subject to a Child Protection Plan, there continues to be a progressive increase of ‘Black African children’ over-represented on ‘Children In Need’ and ‘Looked After Children’ teams.  This has highlighted the need for awareness, advocacy, training and early intervention at higher and lower threshold stages.

The vision for Saffron Safeguarding African Children and Adults Partnership was birthed at the ‘Safeguarding Children and Families within the Nigerian Community Conference’ facilitated by a couple of our directors, other members of the Nigerian community and myself, which took place at the Nigerian High Commission in the UK in August 2017.  Part of the outcomes from the conference was the formation of the British Nigeria Safeguarding Consortium (now a registered UK organisation) effectively working within Nigerian Communities and now our safeguarding service.  

As a widely recognised stakeholder on issues affecting children, Saffron Social Development Global Foundation (SaffronSDGF), our registered Charity in Nigeria continues to thrive in the forefront of safeguarding and child protection in Lagos State, Abuja Federal Capital and Nigeria as a whole.  Over the last 4 years, our advocacy for the Safeguarding Agenda, Policy Development, Research and Enhanced Sustainable Child Protection Systems, and our ‘Saffron Safeguarding and Child Protection Centre’, facilitated our invitation to sit on the Lagos State Safeguarding and Child Protection Committee, ensuring Saffron was instrumental in supporting the committee to develop the first ever ‘Lagos State Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy’.  This policy was signed by Governor Akinwumi Ambode on 16th December 2016, making it mandatory for all child focused institutions to implement the policy.

Saffron Safeguarding African Children and Adults Partnership aims:

  • To raise a positive profile of African children and vulnerable adults, ensuring they know their rights, are aware of the risks of abuse and knowledge of what to do if they are worried about or experience abuse.
  • To increase awareness of child protection and safeguarding issues amongst African communities; 

Bridging the Gap’ between social care agencies & African communities; thus, reducing the prevalence of ‘African Children’ in the child protection system 

  • To promote the Safeguarding of African children in education; help reduce the high rate of African boys excluded from school 
  • To address and promote positive parenting practices among African parents and carers in the UK.
  • Supporting African children and families affected by abuse, neglect, disabilities, domestic violence, substance misuse, mental health, immigration, and other safeguarding issues
  • To improve collaborative mechanisms for the safeguarding of African children and vulnerable adults, by gathering, sharing information, promoting and facilitating practice improvement between statutory bodies, education, organisations, local and faith communities.
  • To provide specialised training on African parenting practices, ‘faith and cultural competence to professionals working with children, child protection, vulnerable adults, social work services and multi-agencies.
  • To Influence the development of policies, strategies and interventions; promote the development of appropriate practices, interventions, projects and services, to support and safeguard African children, adults, families and communities.

Our Services include:

  • Listening Ears – Advisory, Counselling & Consultancy services
  • One – one support and mediation for African Parents and children presenting with challenging behaviour, 
  • Advocacy and support for African ‘Children In Need’ and ‘Children Looked After’
  • Research and Policy Development 
  • Influencing government legislation, policies, procedures and practice systems
  • Creating local, state, national and international awareness

Our Programmes:

  • Safeguarding African Children & Adults Centre (Safeguarding and Child Protection in diverse communities domestic violence, substance misuse, mental health, immigration, and other safeguarding issues etc..)
  • Saturday Breakfast Safeguarding Group – Safeguarding, Child Protection Awareness and positive parenting skills for African Parents and Communities (11am every other Saturday)
  • Safeguarding & Child Protection Of African Children In Schools – help reduce the high rate of African boys excluded from school; reduce the prevalence of ‘African Children’ in the child protection system 
  • Stepping Up – Engaging and Empowering Youth Towards a Brighter Future
  • Delivering Specialised safeguarding training – on African ‘parenting practices’, ‘faith and cultural competence for professionals working with children, vulnerable adults, social work services and multi-agencies.

SaffronSACAP ‘Safeguarding African Children & Adults Centre’ programme has set up a forum to act as a steering group for Safeguarding and Child Protection in diverse communities with a wide representation of youth, parents, statutory bodies, education, organisations, local community organisations and faith communities, and would like to invite you to be part of this forum.   Subject to funding, we look forward to recruiting a ‘Local Community Partnership Officer’ to deliver the work of the group.  We anticipate that the group will meet every six weeks. All future meeting dates will be proposed and agreed at the first forum meeting on Thursday 12th March, from 5pm to 8pm, Venue: ‘Safeguarding African Children & Adults Centre’, Ground floor, Kingsley House, 37-45 Balmoral Road, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 4NT. 

The purpose of this forum is to bring together key stakeholders in order to develop an understanding of the shared safeguarding issues that impact on African children, young people, vulnerable adults and families in the UK and to identify any particular issues facing specific communities.  The forum’s activities will include the development of necessary child protection, training and communication tools and protocols to ensure that our grass root organisations are fully equipped and confident when addressing sensitive and difficult issues relating to safeguarding African children and vulnerable adults.

If you would like to take part in this forum, or join our safeguarding partnership, please send an email to either of these addresses | or send a text to telephone number: 07845922769

We strongly believe that our partnership and collaboration will go a long way to improve lives and bring about better outcomes for our communities.  We look forward to your positive response and hope to meet with you soon.
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. 

Raising Standards, Protecting Children, Improving Lives and Better Outcome.
Yours sincerely,
Opeyemi Ebulu-Eyuruntari ‘Olori’
Principal Consultant |CEO.
Tel: UK +447845922769 |+447513739973 | NG: +2348187612407 | +2349095364424