Saffron Safeguarding African-Caribbean Centre.CIC (SaffronSACC)

Saffron Safeguarding African-Caribbean Centre.CIC (SaffronSACC), offers a unique ‘Tripod Holistic Community Engage Forum’ ‘bridging the gap’, by raising awareness, advocacy, advice, training, youth workshops, early intervention and support services, essentially post covid-19 support, activities and engagement; promoting diversity, equality, inclusion, cultural awareness, heritage and integration, to empower African-Caribbean children, young people and families in Medway, all of the Kent County, London and UK.
We provide an interactive and engagement, cultural and social space for our communities, facilitating safeguarding workshops, training, and various Parenting, and skills acquisition courses.
Our team is a pool of vibrant, fun-loving group of professionals and community members, rich in diversity, cultural heritage, history, skills, and knowledge. These strengths are core to our communities, enabling us pass these down through our strength ‘story-telling’ to different generations.
We listen and connect with our community’s needs and challenges via our bi-weekly ‘Voice Over Talk Show’, monkey surveys, online polls/feedback and programmes.


SaffronSACC.cic: provides various practical projects and activities delivering Community based approaches, interventions and projects, listed below:


Enabling African-Caribbean vulnerable senior citizens (60plus) two days a week, to remain active and make friends, reducing isolation, culture specific food, providing companionship and befriending schemes.


Black Youth Skills Development Empowerment Programme – providing Young People with a safe space to combat the culture and impact of violence, crime, gang activity and develop leadership skills.
Because, for some young people poor behaviour, social anxiety and impulse control are an obstacle to achieving, the project offers anger management, anxiety and confidence-building courses and other personal development activity.
Working with 10 young people at a time the project aims to help them move on to a more satisfying life in which they are better equipped to fulfil their potential.

Participants will be assessed for needs, and attend personal development courses, targeted work ( drugs, sexual health, ASB, etc) interview techniques and CV writing and other means of helping them to be work-ready or prepared to get back into education


offers advice, support and activities for children, young people and families for but not exclusive to African-Caribbean families.
Our family hub maintains close links with all providers of family and childhood services both locally and across Kent, which enables staff to assist families in accessing services for families with children.


Culturally Specific focus on African-Caribbean Meals for the Senior Citizens Luncheon Hub and other vulnerable families

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