Saffron Safeguarding African Children & Adults Centre

SaffronSACC, offers a unique ‘Tripod Community Engage Forum’ ‘bridging the gap’, by raising awareness, advocacy, training, early intervention, and support services (essentially post covid-19 support, activities and engagement) to empower African-Caribbean children, young people, and families to make the right decisions; where necessary, facilitating engagement and signposting them to both statutory and non-statutory organisations.

SaffronSACC serves as a bridge for the community with various organisations and multi agencies, promoting diversity, equality, inclusion, promoting cultural awareness and integration. Provides an interactive and engagement space for our community in the way of social and cultural space, safeguarding workshops, training, and various Parenting and skill acquisition courses  
SaffronSACC provides benefit to Black African-Caribbean people in Kent, London, and all over the United Kingdom, including in particular children, vulnerable adults, young people, families, friends, supporters and practitioners in health, social care and community organisations; empower them to make the right decisions to meet the needs of every child, young person and adults, with direct and indirect experience safeguarding, social problems and issues, ensuring better outcomes for all children and families, to keep them safe and to help them to engage with all services available to them.

SaffronSACC is ‘bridging the gap’, by raising awareness, advocacy, training, early intervention, and support services to empower Black African-Caribbean families to make the right decisions.

  • To raise a positive profile of African children and vulnerable adults, ensuring they know their rights, are aware of the risks of abuse and knowledge of what to do if they are worried about or experience abuse.
  • To increase awareness of child protection and safeguarding issues amongst black, African communities; places of worship, young people, community interest groups and parents; Bridging the Gap’ between social care agencies & African-Caribbean communities
  • To address and promote positive parenting practices among African parents and carers in the UK
  • Supporting African children and families affected by abuse, neglect, disabilities, domestic violence, substance misuse, mental health, immigration, sexual exploitation, trafficking, domestic servitude, housing, cultural and faith organisations, including other safeguarding issues for us at Saffron, the effective safeguarding and protection of African, Caribbean Children and vulnerable Adults in Kent, London and the UK is a high priority. The effectiveness of government policies in our communities, is highly dependent on prevention, early intervention, professional’s cultural and faith competence, better understanding the culture, parenting, and behavioural patterns.

As integral members of this community, we have found the ability to penetrate within has been easier for us than some. Knowledge and understanding of the various faiths and cultures within our communities is a predominant factor in knowing how to interact and who to reach out to.

Sadly, there continues to be a progressive increase of ‘Black African children’ over-represented on ‘Children In Need’ and ‘Looked After Children’. This continues to highlight the need for increased awareness, advocacy, training, early intervention at higher and lower threshold stages.
Saffron continues to work globally to protect the African-Caribbean Child.
Raising Standards, Protecting Children, Improving Lives for Better Outcomes

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