SaffronSACAP offering a unique Social Care service has a specific focus on African-Caribbean Communities, and cultural competence amongst practitioners; ‘bridging the gap’, by raising awareness, advocacy, training, early intervention, and Social Work Support Services to empower African-Caribbean children, young people, families and professionals.  This is to ensure they are better informed, to make the right decisions, also where necessary, signposting them to both statutory and non-statutory organisations.

Saffron African-Caribbean Centre. CIC

SaffronSACC, in collaboration with partner agencies, facilitates programs, events and community engagement, promoting, Safeguarding and Child Protection in diverse communities, domestic violence, substance misuse, mental health, immigration, cultural and faith organisations, including other safeguarding issues etc.

We offer a range of support programs, including:  parenting, Young parents, Elderly Clubs, Health and wellbeing services, Advice, Guidance, Training and community activities. 


As an organisation, it is our desire that families stay together with children living in safe environments, promoting their general safety health and well-being.  Sadly for many children and young people, this is not the case.   

SaffronSACAP services are tailored to facilitate our objective for sustaining families, supporting children and families involved in the Social Care System, Child Protection Plans, Children In Need, Private and Family Law Processes.  

We offer a range of support programs, including Parenting skills, Health and Wellbeing services, Advice, Guidance and Community Events. These services include, African Family Support Services, Family Group Conferencing, Child Contact Services Child Contact Centres


SaffronAFSS provides a community system of “Family Support” helping families access a broad array of formal and informal support services, for example; Early Help, Mediation Work, Independent Social Work Assessments, homelessness support, substance abuse/addiction, domestic abuse advice support, and intervention, parenting resources, clothing assistance, food banks, legal and immigration signposting and much more.  

Saffron Family support workers naturally offer hands-on help to support parents and families, in providing a better environment and lifestyle for their children, promoting the health and well-being of children and families including children with special needs or disabilities.

Saffron Child Contact Centres (SaffronCCC)

SaffronCCC supports children and families involved in the Social Care System, Child Protection Plans, Children In Need, Private and Family Law Processes, providing

  • Supervised, Supported and Virtual contact sessions at our centres or within the community.
  • Intensive Family support 24/7 cover
  • Outreach, Health Well-being & Welfare Checks

to families, whilst working closely with Local Authorities and Private Law Agencies, through referrals within the Kent communities, Essex, London, and across the UK.

(We provide transportation & interpretation services as required)

Family Group Conferencing (FGC)

More often now, FGCs are used by social care, when a child/ren might be taken into care, to get family members together, to discuss and make a plan to allow the child to stay within the family circle safely.  

Through referrals from local authorities and partner agencies, Saffron family group conference (FGC) facilitates an independent meeting between the coordinator and families in need of support.  

Family & Parenting Support Hub

Being a parent is rewarding, watching your children grow and helping them to find their independence. Parenting can also be really hard work!!

Our Safeguarding, Child Protection Awareness and Cultural Afro Centric Parenting Skills (8-12-week programme), supporting families that need early help, ensuring they get the right help at right time.  

Please click on this link for our referral form: SaffronSACAP CYPF Referral form