Youth Initiative #steppingup

SaffronSACAP Youth Initiative, Facilitates a Dedicate Engagement & Empowerment Programme. #SteppingUp was born out of a necessity to Safeguard, engage, interact, empower and change the Lived Experience of Marginalised Black African Children and Young People
Safeguarding Black African Children & Young People.

SaffronSACAP continually advocates and promotes the improvement, safety, health and well-being of Black African children (BAC); by taking every action to promote their welfare, protect them from harm, maltreatment, and every form of abuse. Hence enabling BAC children to grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care, meeting their aspirations, developing their potentials and bringing about the best outcomes; whilst tackling the shared safeguarding social problems and issues that affect black, African children, young people, vulnerable adults and families in the UK, Africa and the global village.


To engage with Black African Children & Young People, breaking down stereotypes through empowerment and interventions geared towards moving every BACYP a step closer to achieving their purpose in life.

SaffronSACAP believes every child regardless of their background or challenges has a right to feel safe and enabled. Steppingup works to take them through a holistic phyco-social understanding of where they are coming from and help take them to where they want to go.